What's new?

Added a page about the Gameboy Advance SP for video display
Finally managed to put pictures from L.I.K.E. 2005 on-line
December 2004
With great sadness, news reached me of the death my friend and fellow KAPer Merv Cooper:
L.I.K.E. 2005 will be on the weekend of 12th/13th february 2005
Indoor: We have a date for our championship in Luxembourg: L.I.K.E. on 17./18. april 2004.
KAP: Finally got around to add the KAPiCA/03 pics to my gallery and I created some pages about the meeting.
L.I.K.E. 2004, date canceled. It's the Easter weekend. We'l have to fix another date.
L.I.K.E. 2004, our indoor championship has a date. Details on the L.I.K.E. page.
My excuses for not updating the site for some time, but I was (still am) busy with house transformation, holiday, etc. I'll try to generate new content as soon as possible. Although that might be first on my travelings pages.
The KAP galleries are on-line now.
Updated the L.I.K.E. pages with results and pictures.
With L.I.K.E. 2003, our first Indoor kite event in Luxembourg, behind me, I got some time to tend to this site. So I added the missing background calligraphies. I got them from a friend in Beijing but I'm not sure if I reproduced them correctly. If you think one or more of them are inadequate, please tell me!
The whole site! Yes, that's the day it went on-line.
I'm still fiddling with the design and the content is bound to grow.
So this is also the place where to look for what's coming up ...

Coming next

KAP section
Details about my rigs
Kites section
More detailed info about kite types and history
I'm planning some pages about Indoor Kiting, in addition to the L.I.K.E. pages