Kites on the Internet

General Kiting
Kite site hosting:
Kite discussion group:
US: KiteLife
KAP: The KAPer
Scandinavian: Aerialis
French: EoleMag
Kite Aerial Photography
The unavoidable old man of KAP: Brooks Leffler
The absolute reference: C.Benton
KAP discussion group: at C.Bentons' site
Online KAP magazine: The KAPer
Peter Bults has it all: KAP Encyclopedia
Michel Clinckemaille: famous belgian KAPer
Sotland: Simon Harbord - the Poet ...
France: Olivier Humez - Ultra High-Tech meets Low-Tech
Belgium: Frank Louwers - the carbon fiber builder
Italy: Andrea Casalboni - a true artist
Germany: Ralf Beutnagel - the heavy weight class
Clubs and Organizations
My club in Luxembourg: Blue Sky
UK: Kite Society
The American Kitefliers Association: AKA