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last update: 21-mar-2005

This site provides you, hopefully, with lots of interesting informations about various aspects of kiting, some of which you may know and some others you may never have heard about ... until now!.

This is a very personal site and therefore most of its contents derive directly from my own my kiting activities. Nonetheless, I tried to include as much general information as possible. Of course, this site is constantly changing in order to keep it interesting for you to come back ... Right now, it's new and far from complete, but it should keep growing over time.

If this is your first visit to my site, you should start with the Kites page.

Otherwise, thank you for coming back! You can see the latest changes on my What's New page.

Once you have finished browsing through my site, check out my links page. It has only a limited number of links, but those are the sites which I personally prefer and use regularly. Note that this is a very subjective and personal choice and should not be considered as any kind of rating. Most of the referenced sites have their own, more complete, links pages which will allow you to loose yourself browsing the web for kites.

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Carlo Didier

Remembering Merv Cooper